UAB Brainhack

Check out the short YouTube video on some of the cool things our research team is working on. It is another example of empowering greatness in others by accelerating their research from 21 days per cycle to 2 days.

Unlimited Email

Unleashing the full power of our faculty, researchers, and students to change the world starts with freeing them from the mundane tasks of academia. One of those tasks is managing email quotas. Why would I have a genomic engineer stop his research to manage his mailbox? See this pithy YouTube video on what we have done over the last two years.

Research Computing and Exponential Growth

A UAB researcher trying to cure Parkinson’s disease requires the high performance computer to conduct her research. The following chart captures the number of days required by different versions of the UAB high performance computer and highlight the tremendous progress made. Much more work is necessary to unleash fully the capabilities of the UAB faculty but we are making progress expeditiously.

Date Time (in days)
Jun-15 10,950
Oct-15 1,095
Mar-16 30
Mar-17 18
Sep-17 2